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About Menger

In 1999, Ray Hall and F Thomas (Tom) Bradshaw, saw an opportunity to address a significant need in the US aviation insurance market.  There was unmet demand for higher liability limits in the Pleasure & Business space, but the limits simply were unavailable to those insured.  At the Aviation Insurance Association meeting in San Antonio, Texas, the two sat down at the Menger Hotel and sketched out their plan for a new facility that would address the problem.

Later that year, the Menger Excess Liability Program went live to provide excess liability limits for the US General Aviation market.  It was the first business-to-business (B2B) website site in the US aviation insurance market at the time, allowing brokers and agents to access, quote, and bind via the website and email.

Since that time, the program has endured through 9/11 and both the softest and hardest aviation insurance markets of the last century.  Certainly, we have experienced some tough losses along the way, but with the continued support of our reinsurance partners since inception, the program has continued to provide the necessary support for higher limits to the US aviation insurance market.

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